A class on programming and web development at Olin College, Spring 2016


Meets Tuesdays and Fridays 3:20–5:00 in AC328 (iCal)

Office Hours

Mondays 6:00-7:30pm in EH1 (iCal)
Wednesdays 8:00-10:00pm in the Library (iCal)
Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm in the Library (iCal)
Thursdays 9:00-10:00pm in the Library (iCal)

Olin.js is a student-led and -developed project-oriented approach to learning modern web application development. With server and client technology advancing so rapidly, the modern website looks very different from that of even a few years ago, and the web will only become a bigger part of our lives in the near future. Olin.js quickly familiarizes students with Node.js as a web server framework and ES5 JavaScript as a responsive client-side language with four weeks of introductory instruction and three weeks of partner labs.

Along the way, students learn the basic layout of the web; how to deploy and maintain large applications; important development strategies, skills, and technologies; and how to design and manage complex, multi-developer software projects. Students spend the last six weeks of the course putting their knowledge and skills to the test by designing and developing their own web applications.


Teaching Team

Austin Greene


Austin Greene is a Software Product Design Engineer in the class of 2017. The last summer he worked at Indico working on everything from new ML models to frontend webdev. In his spare time he reads books about history and coops himself up in his room working on various side projects. His friends never see him.

Filippos Lymperopoulos


Filippos Lymperopoulos is an electrical and computer engineer in Olin’s class of 2017. Last summer he worked as a Software Development Intern at Ericsson writing a suite of APIs for Ericsson’s Cloud and Policy Manager. This summer he will be working as a Product Manager Intern at Tableau Software in Seattle, WA. Filippos loves software, design and football. OlinJS isssss the beeest classs guyz #leggo.

Radmer van der Heyde


Radmer van der Heyde is a electrical and computer engineer in the class of 2017. Last summer, he worked creating data analysis apps for The Dark Sky company and this summer he will be a software development intern for Athenahealth.

Sarah Walters


Sarah Walters is a robotics engineer in the Olin College class of 2017. She spent the past two summers working on CAD in the cloud at Onshape and on NLP data visualization at Systems & Technology Research, and she'll be a software development intern at Microsoft during the summer of 2016. She’s fascinated by teaching and learning - her research is on assessment in the context of situational motivation in undergraduate STEM courses - and she plays piano and violin in her spare time.

Course Assistants

Anne LoVerso


Anne LoVerso is a computing engineer in the Olin class of 2017. Aside from coding, she’s deeply passionate about education and improving schools. She has interned for Red Hat, and then went to the dark side and interned for Microsoft. This summer she’ll be working for Pivotal Labs in New York City. In her spare time, she does aerial circus arts and is probably cooler than you will ever be.

Dennis Chen is an electrical and computer engineer in the Olin College class of 2017. He worked for Procter and Gamble last year writing software for data analysis and he’ll be at Google next summer as a software development intern. Computer stuff he thinks is rad: vim and competitive programming. He also thinks skateboarding is really cool and his main aspiration in life is to kickflip.

Nitya Dhanushkodi


Nitya Dhanushkodi is an electrical and computer engineer in Olin’s class of 2017. She worked on a enterprise network data visualization and analysis app for network administrators while at Cisco during the summer of 2015, and she’ll be taking a crack at the cloud this summer of 2016 working at Pivotal Cloud Foundry in SF. She plays soccer, does research on motivation in different undergraduate engineering classroom environments, and her favorite food/drink in the whole world, like, ever, is honey and peach green milk tea from Tpumps. #tea4lyfe

Paige Cote


Paige Cote is a computing/design engineer in Olin’s class of 2016.5. She will graduate late due to a preoccupation with travel and engineering education, which led her to spend the first part of this year in Brazil helping design the computing curriculum for a new engineering school. In her spare time, she loves reading silly sci-fi novels, going to healthcare-oriented hackathons, and spending too much money on fancy cheese.